Some call her one of the most powerful women in show business, but even Oprah seems to fear the impact of Sarah Palin on the November election.  Why else would one of the top TV shows for women not want to interview one of the top female newsmakers?  When Matt Drudge reported that her staff was split on whether to invite Palin on the show, Oprah quickly released a statement saying that it would not happen and that she doesn’t want to use her show as a platform for any candidate.  This, of course, ignores the fact that she has had Barack Obama on her show and has made public appearances on his behalf.

Barack Obama appears on Oprah

What is Oprah afraid of?  Is she afraid that the immensely popular, smart and energetic female VP candidate will outshine African-American Obama?  Has Oprah made the choice that race is more important than gender?  In November, one of two groundbreaking things will happen — either we will elect the first woman or the first African-American on a national ticket.  People deserve to learn about both of the historical possibilities, not just what Oprah wants you to know.

If Sarah Palin is the lightweight the Far Left and their media co-conspirators accuse her of being, why is Oprah afraid?  Is she (rightly) afraid that people will see Sarah Palin for the strong, accomplished woman that she is and not the person described in the smears by the Far Left and the Obama-fied media?  Is she (rightly) afraid that Sarah Palin will connect with her audience sufficiently to give the McCain-Palin ticket a win in a close election?

If you are sick and tired of the media using their power — over OUR airwaves — to advance their agenda and smear Sarah Palin, go to and let her know in the discussion forums or in a “contact us” message.  You can even call or write to Harpo Productions in Chicago.  Their number is 312-633-1000.  Ask to speak to a producer and let your opinions be known!  Sarah Palin is newsworthy right now.

And while you’re at it… Contact GE (General Electric Appliances) and Oprah’s other advertisers and tell them they must support fair coverage and equal treatment for women like Sarah Palin.  The main phone number for GE is 203-373-2211.  Jeffrey Immelt is the Chairman & CEO.  Ask to speak with an assistant in his office.