We who have supported the idea of Sarah Palin for VP for some time expected that it would be a bold move that would grab some attention, but nobody expected that a “hockey mom” from Alaska could derail the Obama Express.  At this point, the Obama campaign and the Democrats in general are desperate.  They’re throwing the kitchen sink not at the top of the GOP ticket, but at the VP!  What about her scares them so much?  What about her makes Obama stammer and utter poorly-timed lines like “lipstick on a pig?”  What about her makes them roll out the big guns of the Democratic attack machine?  If she is such a non-starter as VP, why have the Far Left blogs like Kos and HuffPo unleashed their slime cannons?  While those on the right are excited by the Palin pick, it seems clear that, by their actions, Obama and the Democrat machine recognize that Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with.