From the National Review Online:

Hannah Giles, the sophomore at Florida International University who posed as a prostitute in her ACORN exposé, has been sued by the community-organizing group for secretly taping its employees in Baltimore. She tells NRO that the suit is “silly.” Nonetheless, she’s taking the charges seriously, and has hired Kelly Shackelford, the chief counsel at the Liberty Legal Institute, to represent her in the case. Shackelford tells us that ACORN’s lawsuit is a “clear attempt to chill speech and to bully a young woman.”

Shackelford says the case is important “not only because of the interpretation of the Maryland statute but the bigger point about how it is an attempt by ACORN to chill speech.” That, he says, is “antithetical to what this country is about.”

And, he says, ACORN can’t expect to garner much sympathy. “You have people at ACORN, on camera, offering to be co-conspirators in the sex trade of 13-year-olds. Balance that against everything in Hannah’s favor: their attempts to bully her, and her work in trying to keep the government accountable.”


Here is Hannah’s interview on Fox News’ Red Eye program: