Unless other videos he has shot are faked to look like they’re from the White House, a recent fundraising video by President Obama seems to violate FEC campaign finance laws because it appears to have been shot in the White House. Of course, a narcissist thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

More on this story from Real Clear Politics:

Obama 2012 campaign: President Obama himself makes an unexpected announcement about the upcoming “Dinner with Barack” contest.

There is one problem, however. This campaign ad was most likely recorded in the White House, which may have violated FEC campaign finance laws.

Consider this: Take a look at this weekly address delivered by Obama in February. Below is a screenshot taken from the weekly address followed by an image taken from the campaign advertisement.

Both videos have the exact same lamp in them meaning both videos were recorded at the same location. President Obama normally records his weekly address at the White House unless he is on the road like last week when he was in Pittsburgh.

Below are several other instances where this room was used for a weekly address:

Weekly Address: Partnering with the Private Sector to Spur Hiring
Stopping Oil Market Fraud, Beginning a Clean Energy Future