We now know how little we got electing a thinly-experienced, unqualified career politician as president: trillions of dollars of new spending (some of it specifically to groups, such as unions, that supported Obama’s election) with little to show for it but a punishing increase in the national debt. It’ll take the ideas of conservatives like Senator Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK) — an experienced legislator with real-world work experience — to fix the mess Obama has made.

Today, Senator Coburn released his plan, called “Back in Black” to cut NINE TRILLION DOLLARS from the national deficit over the next ten years. Recognizing that the entire plan could be tough to swallow, Coburn said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” program last Sunday, “We have $9 trillion worth of savings that are achievable over the next ten years. Pick half of them. Half of them solve our problems.”

Back In Black cover

A full, downloadable PDF of the report (roughly 20MB) can be found HERE (right click and “Save Target As”).

The Executive Summary of the report can be found HERE.

The original source document page on Senator Coburn’s website can be found HERE.